Vox Hiberionacum is an academic blog. I apologise in advance.

Researcher focusing on Early Irish Christianity and Early Medieval Ireland. I’m interested in early Christian sites & landscapes and how early medieval people used the archaeological monuments around them to create their own versions of the past. To this end, I do weird and wonderful things with early Irish history, etymology, hagiography, placenames, folklore, archaeology, landscapes and monuments; by throwing everything into an interdisciplinary pot and mixing it up. I’m also a bit of a Patrician obsessive. Quapropter olim cogitaui scribere, sed et usque nunc haesitaui…

Aside from hanging out in the deepest darkest recesses of early medieval Ireland, I do have other interests somewhat removed – neolithic passage tomb and outdoor rock art, iron age ritual, insular Pagan-Christian conversion, early Christianity in general, medieval (and later) Dublin, Irish folklore, Irish identities, film, the interweb. Elsewhere on the net, I’m an occasional contributor to Strong Language and have previously written for the likes of JSTOR Daily, The Conversation and TheJournal.

This blog is intended to be a bit of a hotchpotch, really. Academic reflections & commentary (primus rusticus & indoctus scilicet), some news and reviews, an open shelf for some ideas, outreach, a dissemination point for some of my own research. I can promise you only three things: Thinly veiled but good-natured irreverence; outrageous puns and irregular posts.

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